Student bags rugby boyfriend after spending months sending notes through window

Francesca Burrin was encouraged to ‘shoot her shot’ after seeing an increasing number of women on TikTok making the first move – so she started doing the same

A savvy student has told how she bagged her rugby playing boyfriend, after months of not-so-subtle hints, including sending him paper aeroplanes which read, “marry me.”

Despite usually being shy when it comes to the opposite sex, 20-year-old Francesca Burrin was encouraged to “shoot her shot” after seeing an increasing number of women being direct with their crush on TikTok.

The anatomy and human biology student had been revising with her housemate, when she first spotted the hunky sportsman behind the garden wall of their student house in Liverpool.

Francesca, who hails from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, spent months spying on her new-found crush, while trying to grab his attention using some pretty interesting techniques.

“When my housemate Jasmeena and I spotted him, I said ‘go to your room – there’s some boys over there’. I said ‘let’s go see who it is’. I’d just come out of a long-term relationship so Jasmeena was pushing me into it,” she recalled.

“When I spotted him, I was attracted to the fact he was sporty and tall. I found him good looking. It got to the point where every time we were upstairs we’d look outside the window to see if they were there.”

The boys quickly noticed the attention they were receiving from the women, prompting Francesca and Jasmeena to start knocking and whistling every time they saw them playing rugby.

As time went on, they started sending paper aeroplanes saying things like “marry me” to try and get the boys’ attention, but it wasn’t until Francesca put up a note with her Snapchat address that their relationship was taken to the next level.

Three days after posting the note, 21-year-old Joe Pearce, from Newport in Wales, finally added her and sent a message, which read: “You must be the neighbour then?”

The pair chatted online for a while before Francesca and her housemates met Joe and his friends for drinks, and quickly began dating.

“We talked for about two months and didn’t agree to go on a date or anything. We knew who each other was and followed each other on Instagram,” Francesca explained.

“We eventually met in May and went for some drinks. Jasmeena my flat mate matched with Joe’s housemate on Tinder and he said ‘why don’t you and the girls come out for some drinks’.

“We all got on really well but me and Joe didn’t get to chat that much. Then he asked me for a couple of drinks the next day then we got on really well.”

Meanwhile Joe admits it was “obvious what Francesca wanted” from the start when he noticed the blinds “twitching” and confessed that putting signs up in the window “is not the most subtle.”

Joe said: “Me and the boys used to go out in the back garden and mess about when it was hot. We’d always be out there.

“We clocked a few times that blinds would twitch on a window on the opposite side of us. Eventually we caught on and we’d look over, then their heads would disappear.

“In the end we used to know and pretend we weren’t paying attention then eventually we caught their four heads and they disappeared. It was quite funny.

“One day she put that note in the window and me and the boys saw it. We fell about laughing – it was funny.”

Now, after celebrating two months as a couple, Francesca hopes her love success story will encourage other woman to “shoot their shot” – proving romance can be found outside of dating apps.

“When I tell people how we met, they can’t believe it because everything nowadays is the usual Tinder or Hinge,” she said.

“It’s good because on TikTok it’s encouraging girls to just shoot their shot. I’d usually be too scared to do that.”