Mother in stitches after child cuts up real money to use Queen’s face on dolls

A mother named Victoria Ingham was left speechless after discovering her child had cut up real money, but couldn’t help but laugh when she realised they’d done it to use the Queen’s face on their dolls

A mother was left in stitches after her child cut up real money – so that they could stick the Queen’s face onto their dolls.

Victoria Ingham was at home and went upstairs to check on her child, Esme, and was shocked to discover that the youngster had taken a pair of scissors to a £20 note and a fiver.

She said she wasn’t sure how to react but then saw that Esme had cut up the money because she was looking for a face to stick to her dolls – and thought the image of Her Majesty The Queen would do fine.

Esme then proceeded to stick the two images of Queen Elizabeth to her dolls, and an amused Victoria uploaded a picture of the creations to Facebook.

She said: “So, come upstairs to find our Esme has cut up 25 quid, absolutely gutted because I am a skint student.

“Anyways, look up to see that she’s cut the queen’s head out to stick on her dolls. Dunno whether to laugh or cry, all I know is I am absolutely skint so donations welcome.

“Then she’s just said, ‘I had three dolls mam but you only had two monies’. I am howling.”

After reading the post, one of Victoria’s friends set up a GoFundMe to help the mum replenish the funds, and soon donations came flooding in.

So far, £125 has been raised – far more than the £25 that was lost – and Victoria said she would be donating it all to the children’s ward at The James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

An image of the initial post has been shared widely on Facebook, and many users were quick to comment and offer the mother advice.

Becki Porter said: “The bank may take pity on you if you collect all the pieces and take them in.”

And Tara Holbrook added: “My daughter has done this, bless them.

“My husband took an hour to sellotape it back together. Bank exchanged for a new note. They told me as long as it’s got the serial number on they’ll take them. There little devil’s, but it’s a good job we love them

But one user who saw the post, Kayannie Sylvester, was impressed by the child’s creativity and added: “Has one of the dolls got on a dress made out of a mask?”